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Shark Navigator NV22L Upright Bagless Review

Shark Navigator NV22L Upright Bagless Vacuum CleanerA vacuum cleaner takes the dust and dirt off your floor, carpets and shelves. It has made cleaning easier and has become a staple in households and establishments everywhere. If you're thinking of buying a vacuum cleaner like the Shark Navigator NX22L, then it is suggested to look for a good shark navigator NV22L reviewthat takes the following details into consideration:

  • The vacuum cleaner requirements and specifications such as its maximum capacity and types of dirt that can be sucked in
  • Issues with vacuum exhaust which may cause allergies
  • Attachments and parts that come with the package
  • Physical issues that may make vacuuming a challenge (i.e. size and attachments, cord length)
  • Durability and warranty
  • Lastly, price and maintenance costs

To meet the criteria listed above, manufacturers have designed numerous vacuum cleaners that serve different environments. Some vacuum cleaners have long hoses and tubes to reach behind closets and furniture, while others, like handheld vacuum cleaners, are used for smaller homes and occasional use. The best of these vacuum cleaners are the upright vacuum cleaners that offer the strongest suction power to clean large carpets and household floors. Unfortunately they have the disadvantage of being heavy, that is until the Shark Navigator vacuum.

In this article we will be reviewing the Shark NV22L vacuum cleaner, an upright bagless vacuum cleaner that was popularized by its infomercial. Its hailed by many of its users to be efficient, easy to move around and cheap for its great performance. We will be doing the Shark navigator NV22L review based on its features, user testimony and the factors listed above.

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Shark Navigator NV22L review

This shark navigator vacuum is an upright bagless vacuum cleaner that sports a sleek ergonomic design that can go to many tight spots in your home, which is most likely why it has the navigator in its name.  Weighing at only 15 pounds it comes with the following features and items:

  • Infinity technology suction that takes in 99% of dirt from your carpets and hard floors
  • Ergonomic grip with power nozzles and on/off brush rolls for transitioning between carpeted and hard surfaces
  • A super stretch hose of up to 12 feet and a 30 feet power cord for easy mobility and longer reach
  • Bagless and comes with a built-in dust canister that can be cleaned out after use
  • Comes with a dusting brush, two crevice tools, turbo power brushes and lifetime filters
  • And a 5 year limited warranty

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Shark Upright Vacuum Cleaner NV22L

Just from looking at its features you can see that this is a vacuum cleaner that is designed to move around. It's lightweight, has a long cord and comes with attachments that make it easy to maneuver and reach difficult spots. Combined with the on/off brush you may actually just plug it in one spot and bring the vacuum to your living room, kitchen and front porch without having to go back and look for another power cord or hose attachment. A great feature to the shark navigator vacuum is that it comes with a dust canister that you can just empty and re-use saving you money that you would be using on bags.

User testimony on this vacuum has been generall positive with many shark navigator reviews detailing a positive experience with the product. Customer have generally reported positive experiences with the shark upright vacuum cleaner NV22Las it can suck out more dust and dirt compared to their previous vacuum cleaners, has a see-through canister that shows dirt instead of an opaque bag and keeps sucking out dirt without any clogging issues. Its also very cheap and retails at around 140 to 160 dollars. As a vacuum cleaner we recommend the product as it is very versatile able to go to on to different surfaces and has many attachments to do the job well. In addition many Shark Navigator NV22L reviews by customers claim that it holds well even after years of use.

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