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Toro 51609 Vacuum Cleaner: A Top Multitask Machine

Toro 51609 Vacuum Cleaner/Leaf BlowerWhen cleaning up the backyard, having the right tools in hand, like Toro leaf blowers will make the job much easier. The Toro 51609 vacuum cleaner will accomplish three tasks with one handy machine. Here is a Toro 51609 review that will help a person see the many benefits it has to offer.

Which Leaf Blower To Buy?

Leaf blowers can be used in almost every season of the year. In the spring, they can help clean out the house gutters, in the fall they help with leaf cleanup and in the winter they can cleat away some snow.

There are both gas powered and electric leaf blowers. Gas powered units are much louder, but provide greater power and can reach past cord limitations. Electric blowers are quieter and more lightweight and do not produce toxic fumes. There are a number of leaf blowers on the market. After reading a Toro 51609 review, it is easy to see why the Toro blower vacuum is the ideal electric leaf blower.

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Features of the Toro 51609 Vacuum Cleaner

  • Includes power unit, Toro blower vacuum tubes, vacuum bag, and 2 year warranty.
  • 3 in 1 blower, vacuum, and shredder
  • Creates air speeds as large as 235 mph and air volume of 390 cfm.
  • Contains a variable speed motor to allow for optimum control.
  • Contains tough metal impleller to mulch leaves into fine pieces.
  • Can be converted in seconds into a Toro leaf vacuum mulcher.

 Benefits Of The Toro Blower Vacuum

Toro leaf blowers are some of the most popular pieces of yard equipment that homeowners use.  In particular, the Toro 51609 blower/vac has a variable speed 12 amp motor to allow the user to select from a wide variety of speeds between 112 mph and 235 mph.  Slower speeds work well to clear off driveways and sidewalks as well as to clean tight spaces in an organized manner. Toro has achieved the perfect electric leaf blower with a balance of air speed and air volume to move a large amount of dirt with low strain.

One of the best aspects of the Toro 51609 electric leaf blower is the versatility to change between a normal blower into a Toro leaf vacuum mulcher.  With the adjustment of one latch, this tool is converted from a blower into a vacuum in no time and without needing other tools.  There is also a metal impeller that mulches debris into fine composition that can be recycled as it is used around the garden to add nutrients to the soil.  Disposing of yard waste is also much easier as everything compacts into one small pile.

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Toro 51609 Review From Actual Customers

Even though this leaf blower is electric, users feel that the power output is very good.  It is simple to start up instantly without needing to play with a pull cord.  It is also nice not to worry about getting messy while dealing with a gas and oil mixture.  Users also liked the fact that no fumes were given off during use as well.

The machine only weighs 7 1/2 pounds, so it is light on the back.  One of the preferred features is the cord hook which makes storing the cord easy and convenient.  Most consumers were very happy with how simple it was to turn the machine from a vacuum to a mulcher and blower.

The Toro 51609 vacuum cleaner is a multitask tool that makes working outside easier and more enjoyable.  Toro leaf blowers have been around a long time and have always provided quality service and craftsmanship in their designs.  There is no longer a need to struggle in the yard.  Most customers agree that this unit is one of the best on the market and would make a smart purchase through Amazon or another retailer.

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