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Vacuum Cleaner Review: How to Choose the Best One

Vacuum cleaners are an important tool in your arsenal of cleaning supplies, whether you have carpet or not. They pick up dust, pet hair, and allergens, leaving the air in your home healthier, and extending the life of your flooring. If you are in the market for a new vacuum, you might find a vacuum cleaner review helpful in finding the best vacuum cleaners. Keep in mind that some of the most important features to look for are a powerful motor that will remove dirt from your floor and keep it in the vacuum, and a lightweight machine that will be easy to carry from room to room.

Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

Hoover Vacuum Cleaners: Hoover UH30010COM

The Hoover UH30010COM is part of Hoover's Platinum Collection. It is a lightweight, bagged upright vacuum cleaner and is one of the best vacuum cleaners Hoover offers. It comes with plenty of tools and attachments and is appropriate for carpeted and bare floors. It has a powerful, 12 amp motor and wind tunnel technology that powerfully sucks up embedded dirt and allergens from floors and keeps it there in a self sealing HEPA bag that prevents blowback.

A vacuum cleaner review says it has fantastic features that make using it a breeze, including a check bag indicator, fingertip controls that light up, and two speeds that can fulfill all your cleaning needs.

Shark Vacuum Cleaners: Shark Navigator NV22L

Shark Navigator NV22L Upright Bagless Vacuum CleanerThe Shark Navigator NV22L is also an upright and lightweight vacuum cleaner, but unlike the Hoover, it does not use a bag. This vacuum cleaner is appropriate for both carpeted and bare floors. It has two motors, which allows the user to switch the bare floor brush on and off easily as the vacuum is moved between carpeted and bare floors.

he vacuum also comes with plenty of tools to make cleaning easier. It boasts a consistent suction power, wheels that glide easily, and an ergonomic grip that makes cleaning with this vacuum cleaner more comfortable.

Panasonic Vacuum Cleaners: Panasonic MC-CG902

Unlike the Shark and Hoover vacuum cleaners discussed above, the Panasonic MC-CG902 is a canister vacuum cleaner. This means that rather than the dirt being contained in one unit, it trails behind the suction device on wheels. This vacuum cleaner is lightweight, requires bags, and is appropriate for both carpeted floors and bare floors. The ergonomic handle has a switch that allows for quick changes between using the bare floor brush and turning it off as the vacuum rolls between carpeted and bare floors. It has a powerful motor, plenty of tools to clean nearly any type of surface, easy height adjustment for different piles of carpet, and a comfortable ergonomic handle.

Electrolux Vacuum Cleaners: Electrolux EL4300A

The Electrolux EL4300A is from the canister line of Electrolux vacuum cleaners, like the Panasonic described above. However, unlike the Panasonic, the EL4300A does not require bags. Instead, it has a dust cup that is simple to empty. It can switch easily from carpets to bare floors with a simple press of the brush roll on or brush roll off button, and it easily adjusts between different floor and carpet heights. It also has powerful suction technology with a HEPA filter that keeps allergens and irritants in the vacuum cleaner and out of your house. The vacuum cleaner comes with tons of attachments to make cleaning everything from shelves to upholstery a breeze.

Dyson Vacuum Cleaners

Dyson vacuum cleaners rely on some unique technology that make them a very popular brand of vacuum cleaner. The company sells both upright and canister vacuum cleaners and all of them are bagless. Dyson vacuum cleaners spin dirt out of the air they suck up with the company's patented cyclone technology. Once the dirt is spun out, clean air is expelled back into the room.

A good vacuum cleaner is an investment, so it is important to search carefully so that you can choose from among the best vacuum cleaners to fit your needs. Whether you want one of the upright Hoover vacuum cleaners or one of the bagless Electrolux vacuum cleaners, consider the style of vacuum cleaner that will be easiest to store and move around your home, and think about whether you want one that need replacement bags or not. When you narrow your options down to a few choices, read each model's vacuum cleaner review to make sure you are making the best decision for your home.