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The Biblical Worldview of Race

The Biblical Worldview of Race


Acts 17:26

有风暴在我国的每日报告了种族关系感到震惊吗?如果是这样,这是一个很好的时间来问:是什么种族的圣经的世界观?行为17:26告诉我们,所有的人都是血脉,源自一个人(亚当)。因此, God created one biological race—not many!我们所有的亲戚!多个科学研究已经证实,只有一个生物种族,像我们期望的那样。

If we are all relatives, why do we have so much strife? The answer is the corruption of mankind due to the fall (Genesis 3). As we are all descendants of Adam (Genesis 1:26-28), we all carry his sin nature (Romans 3:23, Romans 5:12). After a while, God’s tolerance of the sinful mess mankind created ran out, and He sent a catastrophe (the worldwide flood) to destroy the evil culture except for the few who were righteous (Noah’s family).

In their seminal book on the topic, One Race, One Blood, Charles Ware and Ken Ham describe the biblical worldview of race. Ken Ham is the CEO of Answers in Genesis (AiG) and Charles Ware is Executive Director of Grace Relations and Special Assistant to the president at AiG. If this is important to you, Ken Ham has relatively light skin and Charles Ware has relatively dark skin. The material in this article is based largely on their book and other materials from AiG.


因为我们看到外部的差异在人们的解释可以根据难以置信的遗传多样性,上帝给了亚当和夏娃在一开始被理解。我们相信,亚当和夏娃可能有中度棕色的皮肤,因为上帝给了他们最大的遗传多样性。当人们在成因11分离如所讨论的,它们适应其环境,以及不同的生物学特性(例如,皮肤的“颜色”),其分别为在占优势的环境有利,并成为可感知的。我们都在我们的皮肤,但以不同的组合相同的颜料。这导致较暗或较亮的皮肤色调。有没有“黑”人或“白”的人。我们是不是不同的“颜色” - 我们是棕色深浅不一。其他生物特征可以以同样的方式来解释。


神不偏袒(行为10:34)。他期待在里面,而不是外部。基督在十字架上死了谁把他的所有的人(约翰福音3:16)。这是我们的精神,信仰与基督是对他很重要的关系(约翰福音3:3)。只有 one biological race, but there are two spiritual races。那些谁因接受基督为他们个人的救主他 grace (以弗所书2:8-9)从终极正义的死亡是由于我们的罪性(罗马书6:23)保存。作为他的恩典,我们的结果,我们要努力和睦相处(罗马书15:5)和爱(约13-34-35)。

虽然只有一个生物种族,种族主义是活得很好。什么是圣经的解决方案?在给定的起源和理解我们都是一个种族和所有的家庭一样,我们应该回到世界的真正的圣经历史。是的,我们可以指出在过去的罪恶,并且应该予以纠正当前过错,但我们谁是值得拯救的和永恒的神住?没有的我们,我们是值得永远与神隔绝所有的罪人。 Race relations 倒下的人的定义是基于种族的世俗定义和失败草草收场。现在是时候转向圣经的世界观,争取 Grace Relations 通过我们的创造者,主,救主耶稣基督的例子。


Want more information? Get the One Race, One Blood book or search the internet for the One Race One Blood video given by Ken Ham or the Grace Relations video given by Charles Ware.

Chris Basel 是干系系主任,并在亚洲城电子游戏化学系助理教授。

Calvary Launches a Science Focused Warrior’s Choice Option

Calvary Launches a Science Focused Warrior’s Choice Option

Calvary University recently approved the initiation of a Warrior’s Choice Interdisciplinary option for a bachelor’s degree with a focus on science. Our interdisciplinary biology and chemistry degree is a pre-professional combination of minors to prepare students for application to a medical, dental, or other health-related school.

The degree combines minors in biology and chemistry. Courses include general biology, microbiology, genetics, anatomy & physiology, general chemistry, organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, biochemistry, and physics.

The degree will offer flexibility for students regardless of their needs. All classes will be offered in the blended format which consists of on campus and recorded online lectures or problem sessions. Many of the laboratory sections will be offered either as traditional on-campus experiments or as online/at-home experiments.

Most importantly, the degree holds firm to Calvary’s first distinctive, standing firm on the Bible. With the opportunities Calvary offers, students do not have to go to a secular college that teaches from a naturalistic perspective. All science at Calvary is taught from the biblical worldview. The blended format of Calvary’s courses enables students across the country to take advantage of low cost, high quality education in biblical degree programs.

Are Models Accurate?

Are Models Accurate?

Chris Basel  


Department Chair of STEM, Assistant Professor of Chemistry 


For the last 20 years, I spent my professional life developing pharmacological models. These models help predict what happens to drugs in the body and how effective they are. Some of the models are useful, some are not. A brief look into the basics of modeling will help clarify this confusing field.


Let us take a simple example to gain a better understanding of what is going on. By searching the internet, you can easily find a calculator that will predict how tall an infant will grow to be. How do they do that? One way is to collect the height of infants (say 2 years old) and check their height later (say when they are 18 years old). After gathering this clinical data, a mathematician then would create a relationship between a typical two-year-old’s height and a typical 18-year-old’s height.  Wait a minute – what is a “typical” person? The more limited you make your model by defining what you mean by “typical” or breaking this down into different groups (for example, one model for males, another for females), the better the model. This is a top down model – using actual measured height data to generate a prediction tool.

在另一方面,你可以预测婴儿生长高度的另一种方式是看他们的基因构成,他们生活的环境,你所期望他们的饮食是,等等。用知识哪些基因控制高度,以及如何在环境和饮食通常会影响身高使一个做的人将有多高增长的预测。了解此信息如何影响高度,更好的模型就越好。这是一个 bottom up model – using the factors that affect the phenomenon (in this case, height) to generate a prediction tool.


模型可以是有用的,有时是非常有用的,在做预测。在我国目前的情况来看,大部分车型已经快速创建和更多的数据被收集经常更换。有许多因素在发挥作用,并在现场状态明显诚实专家 - 他们不知道会发生什么。尽可能,避免过度强调车型 - 但不要忽略的科学家和医学专家的意见!永不忘记,耶和华在控制。

STEM head Chris Basel excited as program expands

STEM head Chris Basel excited as program expands


With Calvary’s addition of a chemistry minor,科学,技术,工程和数学(STEM)负责人Chris巴塞尔期待该计划的进一步扩展。他说,在长期目标,各各外观添加其他干未成年人,如数学和生物学。 “我们的目标是为未成年人的合作伙伴与 Warrior’s Choice degree”让学生‘去到任何专业学校’。这就为在读研究生各各毕业生,如医学,生物学,和化学的机会。

巴塞尔强调各各的重要性是第一个特色, standing firm on the Bible。面对机遇各各优惠,学生“不必去那个从自然的角度讲授世俗的大学......你可以来各各,你可以得到的教育,圣经和神学,现在你可以得到科学和数学,太“。

各各他从圣经的世界观手段各各他的计划教育的承诺是罕见的。巴塞尔说,“(因为)我们持有的圣经是真实的,权威的,从最初的话,我们是一个创造论大学。你可以去 Answers in Genesis and search creationist colleges;我们在那里“。这使得站在各各一个“相对小的数目。”


Basel said, “My desire is to meet the needs of students who have a variety of needs,” and he already has students from a wide range of the Midwest enrolled in his science courses. The blended format of Calvary’s courses enables students across the country to take advantage of low cost, high quality education in biblical degree programs.

Students in a Biology lab extract DNA from strawberries.

Calvary Starts a Chemistry Minor!

Calvary Starts a Chemistry Minor!

Calvary University recently approved the initiation of a chemistry minor, the first in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) field.  The first class will be offered fall 2020.  Classes will consist of general chemistry, organic chemistry, and analytical chemistry.  Minors in math and biology will be started later.  These minors provide the foundation for a career in a STEM field, including medicine, veterinary science, and dentistry.

所有类都将在混合格式提供 - 在校园里,视频直播和在线。实验室试验将包括传统的和非传统的格式。有两个非传统的格式。第一个由使用实验室试剂盒对学生的进度进行远程实验。实验结果使用基于云的软件进入各各学习管理系统。第二非传统格式将包括在校园大约一个星期的模块。 



Are you interested in how chemistry is involved in medicine and health?  Have you wondered what the difference is between drugs and vitamins?  Interested in a chemistry class that requires relatively low amounts of math?  Not interested in having to stand in a lab for hours at a time you’d rather be doing something else?

如果描述您,然后用健康的应用程序(sc251n和sc252n)化学是你的课!亚洲城电子游戏开始其第一个完全在线科学类实验室!那就对了, even the lab is online!在您注册的过程中,你得到一个实验室套件,在家中使用你的日程安排。讲课,课本,作业和实验室的实验都在网上访问。感兴趣吗?报名参加sc251n和sc252n周期2中!