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general studies

biblical equipping for excellence in life and service








the general studies department develops students who think critically, who engage in the global society, and who communicate the biblical worldview effectively.  general education builds a foundation for students to become life-long learners and well-rounded citizens who impact their communities with the truth of god’s word.  these objectives are accomplished through completing required general education hours in communications, humanities, natural science-mathematics, and social-behavioral sciences.


categories of general education

  • communications: includes such courses as composition, public speaking, and writing courses.
  • humanities: includes such courses as modern and classical languages, history, literature, linguistics, philosophy, archaeology, art, music, and graphics.
  • natural science/mathematics: includes such courses as physical science, biology/life science, physics, chemistry, mathematics, and statistics.
  • social/behavioral sciences: includes such courses as psychology, sociology, anthropology, and political science.

general studies objectives

general studies students will be able to:
  • gather, analyze, synthesize, and present information through research projects and papers.
  • recognize, choose, and apply habits that promote healthy living.
  • develop, practice, and portray behaviors that exemplify godly character.
  • differentiate between truth and error, and, by so doing, clearly communicate the biblical worldview. 
mrs. tiffany smith

mrs. tiffany smith


librarian, department chair of general studies, pds program director, assistant professor of general studies

dr. teddy bitner

dr. teddy bitner

m.a., m.m.a.s., d.min.

chief academic officer, vp of academics, professor of history

dr. tom bonine

dr. tom bonine

m.a., ph.d.

professor of education

ms. jeanette regier

ms. jeanette regier


athletic director, assistant professor of physical education

general studies

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